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It is our goal to offer breathtaking art exclusive in USA that provide unparalleled beauty, style, and Russian mystery.


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Luxury and pleasure for the eyes

The once in a lifetime opportunity to see with your own eyes the genius of Russian Masters, including the celebrated Dmitry Sandjiev.


Discover the richly the exclusive collections of Luxor Style Galleries. Style. Effortless, expedited access to the world’s most exclusive Russian Art, thanks to Luxor Style Galleries’s ability to bring Russia’s most treasured artists to the United States. Art that is fresh, contemporary, and previously not available in the United States. In an unprecedent story of culture exchange between Russian Artists and American Artists, Luxor Style Galleries specializes in sharing the fine art of these Russian Masters. Let your eyes feast on art that discriminating collectors instantly recognize as prized pieces. It is our goal to offer breathtaking art exclusive in USA that provide unparalleled beauty, style, and Russian mystery.

From the texture and color of celebrated Dmitry Sandjiev to the modern works of Kravtsov, to the Moscow stories told in the paintings of Panukova, Luxor Style Galleries offers a massive collection of Russia’s best. From the still life work of Derbeneva, to the absolutely stunning Avdejev, individually telling stories of Russian history and mystery.

Premiering for the first time in the USA, the life collections of these talented artists and their amazing stories are now available in the United States exclusively through Luxor Style Galleries and its highly esteemed strategic partners. Art can often be the defining element in the character of our dreams. We adore and collect it, and it enhances our humanness. If you find the pursuit of collecting only the finest art an intoxicating experience, welcome to Luxor Style Galleries. Luxury and pleasure for the eyes. To see American artists being featured in our Moscow, Russia galleries or to visit our Museum Collections, visit: