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The art of Vladimir Piskarev

Vladimir Piskarev - Icarus - 35x27in - canvas acrylic oil - 2006.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Kiss of Fortune - 12x8in - plywood acrylic - 2008.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Love of Ekaterina - 12x8in-plywood acrylic-2008.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Marylin - 39x24in - canvas acrylic  - 2008.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Morning - 23x16in - wood acryl - 2004.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Next - 33x30in - plywood acrilic metal - 2004.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Night Tram - 24x28in - hardoard acryl  - 2008.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Property of Time - 20x42in - canvas oil-1995.jpg Vladimir Piskarev - Punctum temporis - 26x35in-canvas acrylic oil-2006.jpg Prev Next

Vladimir Piskarev Biography

Vladimir Piskarev photo

Vladimir V. Piskarev is a professional artist, member of the Artist’s Union of Russia and Tatarstan Republic. He lives in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation. Vladimir was born in Syzran, Russian Federation on 11 June, 1962. He has two Higher Educations, graduated from the Chuvash State Institution of Educational Specialists in 1991.

From 1997 to 200, he has passed a full rate of the painter of the top skills in Creative workshop of painting of the Academy of arts of Russia. Exhibition activity begins with the participation in the Zone exhibition “The Greater Volga” in 1992, in which he was exposed during 1998-2004. (Kazan, N. Novgorod, Saransk).

He also regularly took part in current republican exhibitions in Exhibition Hall of the Artist’s Union of Republic of Tatarstan, and in the exhibitions which were organized by the state Art Museum of Tatarstan republic.

1998 – exhibition in the Palace of Yusupov

2000 – “Classics and the Present” in the Central House of the Artists. An exhibition with Theatre of Tinchurin.

2005 – a mobile exhibition devoted to the 1000 anniversary of Kazan. Moscow,
(March), St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Great Novgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod (June).

2006 – a mobile exhibition of Trainees of Creative masterful painting of the Russian Academy of arts. (Saratov, Kazan).

2006 – “A Silent Life” (the Central House of the Artists)

2007 – an exhibition devoted to annual Session of Advice of managing directors of the International European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. (National Art center, Kazan).

2007 – “The Gold Palette” (Saratov)

2007 – Symposium on painting. (Vasilsursk)


1999 – Museum of A.M. Gorky, Kazan

2001 – “A Still Life, the selected works”, “The Kamil” Gallery

2001 – exhibition in the Hall of Ministry of International Affairs of republic Tatarstan

2002 – personal exhibition of paintings in the showroom of the Union of artists, Republic of Tatarstan

2004 – exhibition in the hall of “Energobank”

2006 – “Property of Time” in the showroom of the Union of artists, Republic of Tatarstan


2007 – International exhibition of caricature. Prestiqio Funny Hi-Tech in Art Cactoon Copyright release.

2007 – International exhibition of figure Blutenwiss, Berlin.

2007 – International exhibition-competition. “Russian Art week”. Moscow House of Artists. (the 3d place in the nomination “Painting”, received two prizes)

2007 – International exhibition “RAF-LINE”, Moscow

2007 – International exhibition FLORENCE BIENNALE. Italy

Creative works from the domestic and foreign private collections were bought by the State Museum of Fine Arts of Russian Federation.
The creative line of the artist having a conceptual basis assumes regular creative search. Making use of plastic experience of traditional school (the Academic Russian School and World graphic experience), a cultural heritage (Russian Icon), he changes an art material and subordinates an art plan to own stylistic language and concepts of vision of a subject.