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The art of Alexandr Kamyshov

Монахи. б. гуашь. 50х70, 1959 – Monks, paper, gouache, 20x28.jpg Натюрморт. б. гуашь. 14х9. 1959 – Still-life, paper, gouache, 6x4.jpg Натюрморт с картошкой. х.м., 50х70 . 1960- Still-life with a potato, canvas, oil, 20x28.jpg Наш Брюсов. б. акварель. 21х14.4. 1958 - Our Bryusov, paper, watercolour, 8x6.jpg Ну, и убегай.. к.м., 20х30 1959– Well, escape, the Harlequin, with Columbine, cardboard, oil, 8x12.jpg Отражения. бум.паст. 40х60, 1959 – Reflections, paper, pastel, 16x24.jpg Петр I. б.тушь. акварель. кисть. 29.5х21 1959–Peter the I, paper, Chinese ink, watercolour, brush, 12x8.jpg У кремлевской стены. б. пастель. 50х31.7. 1958 - At the Kremlin wall, paper, pastel, 20x13.jpg Человек с бегущей собакой. к.м., 50х66, 1960- A person with a running dog, cardboard, oil, 20x26.jpg Prev

Alexander Kamyshov Biography

Alexandr Kamyshov 1960 Photo

On March, 24th 1941 – Maria Andrianovna Romaneva and Peter Frolovich Kamyshov had the fourth child whom they have named Shurik.

1941-1945 – Are evacuated all family to Ural.

1948-1951 – was engaged in Moscow City House of pioneers with Kropivnitskiy E.L.

1951-1958 – Studied in MCAS by the name Surikov V.I (Lavrushenskiy Ln.)

1958 1960 – Cooperated in different publishing houses as the illustrator

1959 – Married Margarita Sergeeva

Died from uraemia.on October, 22nd, 1960 at 10:30pm at a hospital in Armenian Ln., Moscow city.