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It is our goal to offer breathtaking art exclusive in USA that provide unparalleled beauty, style, and Russian mystery.


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Старая Песочница. x.м,100х120,1997.(только принты) –Old Sandbox(prints only), a canvas, oil, 39x47.jpg Крутой подъем. х.к.м. 30х35. 2008. - Steep slope, a canvas, cardboard, oil, 12x14.jpg Конец апреля. х.м. 50х60. 2001 (только принты) – End of April(prints only), a canvas, oil, 20x24.jpg Глицинии. х.м. 50х40.2006 (только принты) - Glicinias(prints only), a canvas, oil, 20x16.jpg Волна. х.м. 80х150. 2005 (только принты) – The wave (prints only) , a canvas, oil, 32x59.jpg Возвращение с моря. х.к.м. 2007 40х45 - Returning from the sea, a canvas, cardboard, oil, 16x18.jpg Вид с террасы. х.м. 50х60 2007 (только принты) – A look from a terrace (prints only), a canvas, oil, 20x24.jpg Вечернее солнце. х.к.м. 20х25 2001 (только принты)–The evening sun (prints only), a canvas, cardboard, oil, 8x10.jpg Вечер. х.м. 50х60. 1997 (только принты) – Evening, (prints only)  a canvas, oil, 20x24.jpg Next

Bato Dugarzhapov Biography

Bato Dagurzhapov.jpg

Was born in 1966 in Duldurga Village, Chita region.
Studied at Moscow Art School in honor of Tomskiy.
Graduated from Surikov’s Moscow Art Institute.
A member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
Lives and works in Moscow.