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Молодой бамбук 30х40 х.м. 2008 г. - Young bamboo, canvas, oil, 12x16.jpg Лотосы 25х35 х.м. 2008г. – Lotus, canvas, oil, 10x14.jpg Лотосы 18х24 х.м. 2008г. – Lotus, canvas, oil, 7x10.jpg Ко-Лан 40х50 х.м. 2008г. – Ko-Lan, canvas, oil, 16x20.jpg Ко-Лан 30х40 х.м. 2008г. – Ko-Lan, canvas, oil, 12x16.jpg Камень желаний 25х35 х.м. 2008 г. – A desire stone, canvas, oil, 10x14.jpg Дворик Сиди бу Саид 40х50 х.м. 2006 г. – Cidi bu Said court yard, canvas, oil, 16x20.jpg Восточный дворик 40х50, х.м., 2003 г – East court yard, canvas, oil, 16x20.jpg Восточная улочка 35х45 х.м.2003 г. – East side street, canvas, oil, 14x18.jpg Prev Next

Dmitry A. Yarovov Biography

Dmitriy Yarovov.jpg

Born in 1977

1992-94 – Ended the Moscow Professional School(batic major).
1994-99 – Graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University (graphic-art).

1997-99 – The leading artist of the State Defense Museum of Moscow.

His works are in the collections of the State Museum of Defense of Moscow, National gallery of the Serbian Republic, Embassy of Serbia in Moscow and in more than 300 private collections in Russia and abroad.