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Dmitry Sandjiev
Early reincarnation of  The Beatles - Quadriptych - 1998 - canvas mixed media - 80x100.jpg Progenitresses of Eva - Quadriptych - canvas mixed media - 150x65(4) - 1999.jpg Birth of Aphrodite Triptych - 1998 -canvas mixed media.jpg The Observers  Triptych - 95x137.jpg The rest of extra terrestrials - triptych - 1999.jpg Tryptich Persius.jpg Tryptich - Zeus - Goddess BAST - Pasifaiya - 41x20inch - 105x50cm.jpg 9 Canvases - Flying Saucer- Mixed media - 350 x 450 - 1998.jpg Worship-of-centaurs---9-can.jpg The World behind the mirror (Top) - Fight for the King (Bottom) Passing into another dimension Chess-players.jpg Ave-and-Mada.jpg Aquarium---Triptych-Myths-of-hunderwasser.jpg Yellow-Spectrum-Triptych-Central.jpg Triptych-Persius---Persius-and-Andromeda.jpg

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Dmitry Sandjiev BIO

Dmitry Sandjiev is one of the most respected artists of Russia and represents the Republic of Kalmikia, a Buddhist regional community in South-Western Russia.


His graphic work is closely linked to the history of this region which was almost entirely destroyed in the 1940’s by the Soviet totalitarianism. Its population was deported to Siberia and the republic dissolved. Only in the mid 50’s were the Kalmyks able to return to their land and reconnect with their own culture.

Through his poignant drawings, Dmitry Sandjiev was the first artist to use his creative talent to revive the lost traditions of Kalmikia and to restore the classic imagery of this area.

His drawings reveal the romantic and spaciousness of the landscapes that characterize this region, known as the Steppes. Whether they are realistic or fantasy, each one of these drawings embraces a spiritual meaning of life, through a dialogue between tradition and modern era.

The use of pencil as the final medium provides a powerful sense of movement and depth. Under the spell of Dmitry Sandjiev, the simple task of drawing becomes a separate art form. The muted grays of graphite softly dissolve the shapes of the subjects, allowing them to become one with nature.

Sandjiev was born in 1949 in Siberia, Russia into an artistically inclined family that encouraged him from a young age to pursue his creative talents.

In the late 1970’s, Sandjiev began experimenting with illustration and perfected his graphic ability by combining academic traditions with his own personal visions and dreams. In 1981 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Academy of Fine Art where he specialized in graphic work.

In 1982, he exhibited a new series of drawings at the Young Graphic Artists’ Exhibition (Moscow) and received First Prize from the All-Union and Central Committee. The same set of drawings was shown at the Second International Triannual Festival of Young Artists (Nurnberg Germany) and received the Faber Kastel company’s Prize. The whole series was than sold out to The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the Faber Kastel collections.

Since than, he has been pursuing both the art of drawing as well as the art of painting. Brightly unpredictable and full of imaginative elements based on his impressions of past civilizations, his paintings provide a fresh approach of spirituality and creativity.

In 1998 Sandjiev participated in a charity auction for Sotheby’s Private collectors all over the world have been following and purchasing his work on a regular basis.

In 2001 he became an academic at the Russian Fine Art Academy. Dmitry Sandjiev has been extensively showing in Russia, Europe, China, Australia and the United States.

His work is in major museums collection such as:

US Congress, Washington
Ludwig Museum, Cologne
Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
Museum of Oriental Arts, Moscow
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow