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The art of Egorov Alexandr

???????. 175?135 – Orchids, 69x53, canvas, oil,.jpg ???????. 120?145 – Sundew, 47x57, canvas, oil,.jpg ??????????. 35?80. - The Salamander, 14x32, canvas, oil, .jpg ????????? ???. 130?65. -  Flower juice, 51x26, canvas, oil,.jpg Prev

Egorov Alexandr BIO

Was born in 1967 in Kropotkin city. In 1987 has finished the Moscow art-industrial school in faculty design of carpets. Teachers in painting class were academician E.Lindin, the Honoured Artist of Russia V.Tretyakov. From 1992 participated in exhibitions of the International confederation of artists and the Moscow Union of Artists.

The list of exhibitions.
1990 – 19-th a youth exhibition, House of Artists on Kuznetsky bridge
1993 – gallery the Union
1993 – gallery Artland, Nicosia, Chyprus
1994 – First festival of performance “In an empire of a firm ice”, gallery the Phoenix
1995 – “Spirit and ground” Gallery on Kashirka
1995 – “Moscow Country Club” Gallery Krosno
1995 – “Extremism and Erotica” Limonov’s Center
1995 – “The Gold brush” The Central House of Artists.
1996 – “The Friendship House” “174th anniversary of the Battle of Pichintse”
1997 – “ 97” Strasbourg. France.
1999 – ?rtManezh “The Euroasian zone”.
2000 – Charity auction to aid children’s home #28.
2001 – “Flower juice” The Central House of the Artist.
2003 – Club “Defile”
2005 – ?rtSalon the Central House of the Artist.
2005 – “Bombay in pictures” The British Embassy in Moscow.
2006 – “The Frog’s wedding” The Central House of the Artist.
2007 – “Russian graphic school” Harbin, China.
2007 – “Inspired Art Fair” London
2007 – “??s ?w?” The Zoo at Presnya